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Recycled Fire Briquettes


A leading-edge briquette machine operates at our Ashburton plant.

This machine compresses kiln dried pine shavings into user-friendly and economical fire briquettes, which tests prove to be New Zealand’s hottest burning manufactured wood-based fuel.

A special die was cast for the piston to punch Niagara’s tree emblem into each briquette as it compresses the 100% plantation grown wood shavings. The whole process is clean, simple and virtually automated.

Extraction pipes throughout the factory move the shavings from planers and profiling machinery to a large storage container, which feeds the briquette machine and systematically produces one briquette every eight seconds.

These are then packed and distributed for the public to purchase at retail outlets.


Average Burn Time


Each briquette weighs around 1.6kg and has an average burn time of 80 minutes.

Independent testing shows these burn at least twice as hot as most conventional firewood and produce less smoke, making briquettes the more environmentally friendly option.

Where to Purchase


Our briquettes are available under various brand names at a selection of hardware stores throughout the South Island. Please contact us for your nearest retailer.




Niagara Pellet Fuel is produced at our Kennington site. We take the shavings and sawdust from our state of the art manufacturing plant and further process them into a 6mm Pellet capable of being used in domestic pellet fires and in commercial boilers.  Niagara Pellet Fuels is a clean burning low ash product that produces high heat.  

Niagara places a strong focus on utilising the whole tree, which means there is no waste. Everything from the bark on the outside of the tree to the sawdust from the centre of the log is processed

  BARK graded and processed for gardening products and landscaping

  SAWDUST  used as fuel for drying kilns

  SHAVINGS  have a range of uses from animal bedding to compressed briquettes

  CHIP  used in the manufacture of medium-density fibreboard

  OFFCUTS  used as premium-quality firewood or chipped and sold as boiler fuel

* Invercargill residents can enjoy convenient drive-through shopping for firewood and landscaping supplies at Parklands Firewood & Landscaping supplies.

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