Business South magazine features Niagara

on 4 September 2018, 15:30

The August 2018 issue of Business South magazine featured Niagara's Kennington operation.

The article (below) was written by Richard Loader and outlines Niagara’s strong focus on producing environmentally sustainable quality timber products and the ability to maximise recovery using cutting edge technollgy and utilise 100% of log fibre by producing a variety of products including:
• Sawdust and bark blended with peat to produce quality products for the horticulture and landscap­ing industries.
• Green sawdust is used as a carbon neutral fuel source to provide energy for the sawmill-for example all of the kilns at the mill are run on green sawdust.
• Dry shavings are used to manufacture environmentally sustainable pellet and briquette fuel for residential homes, and timber waste is processed into chip to provide local industry with a carbon neutral alternative to coal for Niagara's boilers.