Our 80th Year Celebrations...

on 25 April 2015, 14:39

With around 150 extra people on site, timber production was halted and all hands were on deck for feeding, touring and educating our guests.

The children enjoyed a barbeque, followed by a tour of the main sawmill. They were then bussed over to Kennington hall for presentations on forestry, timber grades and using wood waste. It was then ‘all hands on’ with the children planting their own radiata pine seedlings and linking up finger jointed timber blanks.

Rimu School Principal Pania McVay-Stewart also joined the celebrations at Niagara. "The visit to Niagara was a great experience for the children to deepen their understanding of our current curriculum focus of “Growing” how trees and plants grow and are reused. It was also a good opportunity to visit an area of interest in the local community" she said.