Prime Minister Bill English visits Niagara

on 14 September 2017, 11:12

Niagara was thrilled to host New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Bill English during his visit to Southland on September 6, 2017.

Mr English along with MP’s Anne Tolley and Sarah Dowie (Invercargill) took a tour around the sawmill and new remanufacturing buildings in conjunction with a group of students from Menzies College (Wyndham), who were onsite as part of the Southland Youth Futures initiative that Niagara supports.

Bill English chatted with students, staff and Niagara’s Company Director Ross Richardson and said in a group announcement "We're in the middle of the biggest building boom New Zealand has had in a long, long time ... The opportunity for this business to do well over the next few years is good. New Zealand needs to continue with a strong domestic market for the products Niagara makes.”

The very memorable visit concluded with staff and students having the opportunity to meet and be photographed with Mr English.