Niagara Cadetship


At Niagara we don’t just want to give people a job we want them to grow their career which is why we have introduced our Niagara Cadetship Programme. The 18 month programme follows a rotational system throughout the organisation to ensure you gain experience across the different areas of our business allowing you to see first-hand the diversity of what we do, before selecting a career pathway that is right for you. We recognise that the success of our company depends on our people, and we are committed to creating a positive, innovative and productive work environment and bringing talented individuals up through the business will help us achieve this.

Applications for our  Cadetship Programme  are now closed however if you would like more information on how to start growing your career please contact our friendly HR team.

More about the Programme

Week 1


This first week will involve introducing you to our business - who we are and what we do. You will also be assigned a Cadetship Advisor who will be your mentor throughout the Programme and be there to provide support and advice if and when you need it.

Stage 1: Rotation One - Three


The first 12 months of the Programme will be spent in the three different manufacturing departments within Niagara where you will get to understand our business, the way we do things and the systems and processes we use. Around every four months you will rotate to another area of the business, this will give you the opportunity to really appreciate what we do and where you see yourself growing a career in the future so that by the end of the 18 month Programme you can select a career pathway that is right for you.

During the 12 months of Stage 1 you will complete a NZ Certificate in Wood Manufacturing, Foundation Knowledge – Level 2 or similar to better your understanding of our industry.

Stage 2: The Final Rotation


After completing the first 12 months of the Cadetship Programme and working throughout the different divisions of the business, the next step is to consider what career pathway you might like to take. You will then spend the next six months working in a position that relates to this career choice, ensuring that you are happy in the career path and developing your skills and abilities in these areas.

Stage 3: Training & Development


Once you have successfully completed the programme, you will be ready to start growing your career and the next step is to look at what formal training, such as an apprenticeship, might be required. A clear training & development plan will designed in order to ensure you succeed in your career with us.


Throughout the programme there will be ongoing reviews with both your Cadetship Advisor, the HR team and the different department managers, we want to provide you with the support and feedback required to ensure you learn, grow and develop to be the best you can be during the Programme.

To see what Career Pathways are available within Niagara click here