Frequently Asked Questions


The fibre cement weatherboard pictured above is almost three times heavier than exactly the same length and profile Envira timber weatherboard, so if you are in a TC3 zone or require lightweight cladding for a two-storey building Envira is perfect!

And did you know Envira is normally up to 15 per cent cheaper to purchase as well as comparatively the best option for the environment?

Production of fibre cement creates a huge carbon footprint and has a negative impact on the environment, whereas growing timber has a multitude of positive environmental benefits.

Envira has a 25-year warranty, as long as the weatherboards are installed properly and painted according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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Envira is protected by H3.1 LOSP treatment (it has no heavy metals), which prevents decay and insect attack for at least 25 years.

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The industry recommends every 10 to 12 years. To get this life the weatherboards need to be washed down once a year and paint applied as per manufacturer's instructions.

Envira finger jointed weatherboards come in long 6.1m lengths, which is ideal for new builds, because the finger jointing means they stay straighter.

The weatherboards are treated and coated with two coats of Resene True-Prime.

Envira dressing grade weatherboards are ideal for replacement/repair/addition jobs as they are 21mm thick (finger jointed are 18mm) and are a closer match in size to older, imperial weatherboards. They come in random lengths and are primed with Resene True-Prime.

It is not recommended to use paint with a Light Reflective Value (LRV) less than 45. Paint suppliers will recommend approprite colours that are suitable for timber.

The LRV of a colour indicates the amount of light and heat that colour will reflect.

Black has a reflectance value of almost 0% and absorbs almost all light and heat. The surfaces are consequently dark and can get very hot. In contrast, white has a reflectance value of almost 100% and keeps a substrate cool.

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