Classic Rusticated Weatherboards



Classic stylish lines, manufactured by Niagara from quality
environmentally sustainable New Zealand pine.

Why choose Envira over other cladding options...


Envira weatherboards are manufactured from 100% sustainable New Zealand Radiata Pine, and Niagara is proud to be a leading New Zealand timber manufacturer utilising 99% of the log during the manufacturing process. All by-products are utilised whether it be sawdust to power our kilns, shavings to produce briquettes, or chip to replace coal as a fuel source for local industry.  

The Envira classic rusticated weatherboard is also part of the Envira Weatherboard System. A system that will both provide a great finish to your new home and save you money by simplifying the building process. All weatherboards and components are backed by a 15 year warranty.

Choose Envira as a complete Weatherboard System


Envira is a complete cladding system for your new home. Boxed corners, corner soakers, scribers, Sills and facing boards.  Everything you need to complete the cladding of your home is available as part of the Envira Weatherboard System.  Quite simply – less time for your builder saving you labour costs with installation.

Envira will stand the test of time…

All weatherboards and components are protected with by an organic preservative LOSP. This safe organic, and biodegradable preservation system will provide a full 25 year protection from insects and decay. Further protection comes in the form of  two coats of a quality UV resistant primer. This Alkyd based primer has been specifically developed in conjunction with Resene for the New Zealand environment.

Envira is easy for your architect

Your architect will find Envira easy to specify with comprehensive technical drawings and detailings provided free of charge online. Architects also appreciate the aesthetics of the Envira superior finish achieved with our finger jointed weatherboard option. Timber imperfections have been removed to provide straight, defect-free boards, adding to the overall effect.

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Weatherboard grades available


Envira Timber Cladding is produced from kiln dried radiata pine, in finger jointed or dressing grade.

In lengths up to 6.1m, made up of clear radiata glued and joined. Treated to H3.1 and factory primed. Learn more about the benefits of finger jointed timber.

A high grade board with sound tight knots and other natural characteristics. Treated to H3.1 and factory primed. In random lengths.

(Available on request) Clear on all four sides, apart from minor imperfections. Treated to H3.1 and factory primed. In random lengths.




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