Safety and Disposal

Safety and disposal of Niagara products

Safe Handling


Work areas must be well-ventilated and kept clean. Power saws, sanding and machining equipment must be fitted with dust extractors to ensure all dust levels are kept within standards set by Occupational Safety and Health New Zealand, or a dust mask conforming with AS/NZS 1715 and 1716 and eye protection conforming with AS/NZS 1337 must be worn.

It is recommended that ear muffs, protective gloves and long sleeves are also worn.

Wash hands thoroughly before eating, drinking or smoking.

If sawdust accumulates on clothes, launder before re-use. Wash work clothes separately from other household clothing.



Offcuts and sawdust are a non-hazardous waste. For normal domestic and trade users, dispose of waste through normal waste collection and disposal services. Industrial users generating large amounts of treated timber waste may require special approval for disposal. Offcuts should not be burnt for domestic heating or cooking. Treated offcuts and sawdust should not be used for mulching or animal bedding.