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At Niagara we proudly cut 100% New Zealand plantation grown radiata pine. We primarily produce two grades of timber, kiln dried ACOL and Industrial. Both grades are available in 32mm, 38mm and 50mm. Available widths include 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. Timber can be supplied with FSC certification, if required.

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NIAGARA Industrial



Niagara ACOL is a combination of #3 Cuttings, #2 Cuttings and better. Each piece shall yield 55% or better recovery of 300mm or longer clear cuttings. This grade is pith-free.

Width: 75/100/150/200
Thickness: 32/38/50
Length: 8-6.0m (30cm increments)
Lengths per pack: Two

Niagara Industrial is a grade permitting any number and combination of defects, provided each piece holds together under normal handling. Pith is permitted.

Width: 75/100/150/200
Thickness: 25/32/38/50
Length: 1.8-6.0m (30cm increments) 
Lengths per pack: Two

#3 Cut



DESCRIPTION: Each piece shall yield 50% or better recovery of 300mm or longer clear cuttings. This grade is pith-free.

WIDTH: 75/100/150/200
THICKNESS: 25/32/38/50
LENGTH: 1.8 - 6.0m (30cm increments) 2 lengths per pack

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