Wood Fuels

Wood Fuels


At Niagara everything we do is about producing quality, environmentally sustainable timber products. We believe in utilising every part of the logs that arrive on site at our Kennington sawmill. Every piece of timber that is processed at Niagara is from 100% sustainably grown New Zealand Radiata Pine.

Niagara Sustainable Wood Fuel products are created from byproducts throughout our manufacturing process. Choosing a Niagara wood fuel product is choosing an environmentally friendly, sustainable fuel source.


Niagara is the only producer of 100% Kiln Dried Wood Fuel products in the lower South Island.

Niagara wood fuel products are independently tested regularly to ensure the quality is kept at a high level. Niagara has been servicing the building industry for over 85 years, we have experience and knowledge to cater for your needs.


Pellet Fuel


Niagara Pellet Fuel is produced at our Kennington site. We take the shavings and sawdust from our state of the art manufacturing plant and further process them into a 6mm Pellet capable of being used in domestic pellet fires and in commercial boilers.  Niagara Pellet Fuels is a clean burning low ash product that produces high heat.  



Niagara Kindling is manufactured at our Kennington site, cut to length pieces of reject block from our state of the art remanufacturing plant are split and packaged into 10kg bags for ease of use. All Kindling is a dry and clean burning. 


Fire Briquettes


A leading-edge briquette machine operates at our Ashburton plant.

This machine compresses kiln dried pine shavings into user-friendly and economical fire briquettes, which tests prove to be New Zealand’s hottest burning manufactured wood-based fuel.

A special die was cast for the piston to punch Niagara’s tree emblem into each briquette as it compresses the 100% plantation grown wood shavings. The whole process is clean, simple and virtually automated.

Extraction pipes throughout the factory move the shavings from planers and profiling machinery to a large storage container, which feeds the briquette machine and systematically produces one briquette every eight seconds.

These are then packed and distributed for the public to purchase at retail outlets.


Boiler Fuel | Wood Chip


Niagara Boiler Fuel is a product of choice for consumers in a range of industries, councils and schools in the Southland / Otago area. Niagara’s state of the art chipper with set size screens ensures a specific consistent high quality 100% Kiln dry wood chip capable of being blended to the moisture content to suit your boilers needs.