Here at Niagara, we recognise that the success of our company depends on our people. Therefore, we are dedicated to bringing talented individuals up through the business and creating an environment that promotes career development and growth.   

This is why we are excited to offer our Niagara Cadetship programme!

What is it?

Our 2.5 year Cadetship Program provides a structured pathway for you to gain practical experience and knowledge across all departments of Niagara, while simultaneously being provided the opportunity to explore and cultivate your career interests while you work! The programme includes three stages:

Stage One:

The first 18 – 20 months will be spent rotating between the various divisions of Niagara, from initial log processing through to dispatch, all stages of operation will be explored including production planning, maintenance and machine operation.  During this time you will also complete an industry specific qualification to enhance your knowledge of the industry and the Niagara business. At the conclusion of stage one, it is expected that you will have a comprehensive understanding of all Niagara processes and products.

Stage Two:

Stage two involves identifying those areas from stage one that captured your interest and further exploring these areas through more in-depth training and development.

Stage Three:

This final stage involves building a career plan that aligns with both your areas of interest and the demands of the business to ensure your continued growth and development.

Support: Throughout the programme there will be ongoing conversations with both your Cadetship Advisor, the HR team and the different divisional managers. We want to provide you with the support and feedback required to ensure you learn, grow and develop to be the best you can be during the programme. Applications for the 2024 cadetship programme are open now!


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