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Superior Trusses and Frames by Niagara: Built with Precision

Niagara Truss and Frame is your trusted partner for your next building project. Whether you're an independent builder or a major building merchant, Niagara provides the flexibility and expertise to ensure your project's success.

We specialise in producing high-quality pre-cut and pre-nailed wall frames and roof trusses, crafted from premium Douglas Fir and LVL timber framing. Each product is manufactured to precise measurements provided by builders and architects, ensuring a perfect fit for your construction needs.Our factory, located in Invercargill, is dedicated to delivering top-notch products. Once built to exact specifications, our frames and trusses are carefully transported to building sites across the lower South Island, ready for seamless integration into your project.Trust Niagara Truss and Frame for unparalleled quality and reliability in every build.


- Timber | wall frames
- Roof trusses
- Exposed trusses
- Engineered beams – laminated | flitch beams

Any species can be requested. Current trends favour Douglas Fir (NZ Oregon).

We provide

- Free quotation service
- DPC added to the frames
- Full backup service
- All mechanical fixings to frames can be applied
- Engineers on hand for advice
- Upon acceptance of the work, a formal engineering statement will be provided

Production Goals

Accurate Truss Production

At Niagara Truss and Frame, we excel in producing precise trusses tailored to your exact specifications

Quick manufacturing turn around

With streamlined processes and a dedicated team, we ensure your orders are fulfilled swiftly without compromising on quality

Lower costs due to waste minimisation  

Our advanced manufacturing techniques and technology enable us to produce trusses and frames with minimal material waste

Fast trusses and frames deliveries

Timely delivery of trusses and frames minimises downtime on your construction site, optimising productivity

ContaCt our team today

Peter Sherriff
021 228 6560 | peters@niagara.nz

Simon Budd
022 109 0665 | simonb@niagara.nz

Hamish Gutsell
021 0837 4014 | hamishg@niagara.nz

We are members of the Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association, FTMA NZ.

FTMA's commitment is to deliver the highest standard of timber framing practice in New Zealand and are leading the way to ensure that prefabricated timber wall frames and roof trusses remain the preferred choice for building in New Zealand.

The FTMA has a proactive group of members dedicated to ensuring New Zealand consistently gets the very best quality in finished product.


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