Envira End Seal



After cutting any exterior timber product it is essential to seal the cut timber ends before installation - and this handy new bottle filled with quality, quick-drying end seal paint makes the job 100% easier and less messy!

Developed and produced by Resene, the Envira Fast Dry End Seal has a nifty brush tip on the bottle that makes painting easy, quick and clean - time after time.



When you are busy on the job, saving time is paramount and with Envira Fast Dry End Seal you are guaranteed to save time, every time.

Simply shake the bottle, open the cap and seal your timber ends, then re-cap and store the bottle away until next time you need it… No messy brush or paint to clean up!

Ask for Envira Fast Dry End Seal at your local building supplies store.



Shake bottle well before removing cap.

Apply Envira Fast Dry End Seal evenly along clean, cut timber surface.

Squeeze lightly to refresh the bristles with paint as needed.

Replace the cap to stop bristles from drying out.


**Apply one or two coats of Envira Fast Dry End Seal, allow paint to dry between coats. Lightly sand between coats.

Please follow all safety precautions shown on the bottle.





The bottle’s brush tip makes painting easy, quick and clean - time after timeUSING-END-SEAL-TY

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