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At home in a timber weatherboard house.

Set in a superb new Canterbury subdivision this is a fine example of a modern home clad with the Envira Weatherboard System. The stately presence of this lovely home is enhanced by its angled positioning on the large, manicured section and the well planned, minimalist landscaping.

The organic shapes of river stone offset the strong geometric shadow lines of the bevel back weatherboards. The owner’s choice of stylish, full height joinery finished with Envira’s classic timber window sills give the feel of indoor/outdoor family living and put the stamp of ‘home’ on this house. In addition, the feature chimney, which continues the weatherboard pattern up through the roofline of the house, conjures up all the warm emotions of home fires burning.

The use of Envira box corners gives a tidy, crisp finish. These are often painted in contrast to the rest of the house to create a feature; here the box corners appear subtler when painted the same colour as the weatherboards.

No matter what the budget or scale of your build, saving on costs not quality is always a bonus. The Envira Weatherboard System is often up to 12% less expensive than man-made weatherboard alternatives and has free CAD drawings online for use by architects and builders. Envira’s finger jointed weatherboards come in six-metre lengths meaning less joining is needed for large walls, and all Envira weatherboards and components come preprimed — a saving on painting costs.

Envira timber scribers can be used for quick and easy weatherboard installation. They provide a perfectly measured storyboard and create a weather-tight finish that is easy to paint.