Finger Jointed Timber

Finger Jointing From Quality New Zealand Pine


Finger jointed products are created from quality New Zealand pine from which defects, such as knots, have been removed. Finger joints are precisely cut into the pieces of timber, and each joint is then glued in place. This creates a product with stability and strength superior to the original pieces of timber.


Finger jointing is used for structural products such as laminated beams, and also for appearance products, such as balustrades, fascia and weatherboards.

The products created from our finger jointed timber are easy to handle. They have excellent machining qualities, and a high quality finish can be achieved.

Our Specialised Finger Jointing Process


The Niagara remanufacturing plant produces finger jointed blanks using FSC certified radiata pine sourced from its own sawmill. These blanks are further processed into engineered timber products of superior quality and appearance for local and overseas customers.

Rough sawn kiln dried timber coming into the remanufacturing plant is machined through a Stetson-Ross planer to give a smooth uniform finish ready for defecting and finger jointing. The timber is checked constantly to ensure only the product that meets strict quality specifications is used.  

An inline moisture meter is one of these quality checks, ensuring that timber outside the required moisture range is identified and removed before further processing occurs.

Using modern technology, the timber is then scanned through a Woodeye at up to 220 metres per minute. The Woodeye takes a snapshot of the entire length of each board, identifying the different grades of timber contained within the piece and selecting only the best material for finger jointing.

This information is then communicated to two Dimpter Opticut 450 saws, which cut each piece of timber in the right places to yield finger jointing blocks in grades to meet our customers' needs.  Blocks range from 180mm to 500mm in length.

The company has both vertical and horizontal finger jointers, giving the flexibility to offer either a face-to-face or edge-to-edge joint in lengths ranging from 1.8 to 7.2 metres.  Depending on customer requirements, Niagara has a choice of adhesives that are used in the jointing process, all of which are approved under international standards.

Throughout the manufacturing process there are documented quality assurance systems to guarantee customers only receive product that meets their specification. Niagara’s finger jointing operation is certified and independently audited to AS/NZS 1491 and AS 5068, which is yet another way Niagara guarantees customers’ expectations will always be met.

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Finger Jointed Blanks


As well as selling finished manufactured goods, Niagara is also able to provide finger jointed blanks ready to be further manufactured. Finger jointed blanks are available for both the New Zealand domestic market and export customers.

Niagara finger jointed blanks are of a visual clear grade with a moisture content of 12% +-2%.

Ex 25mm Sawn:
Blank size: 22mm x 72mm, 95mm, 120mm, 145mm and 195mm

Ex 32mm Sawn:
Blank size: 28mm x 72mm, 95mm, 120mm, 145mm and 195mm

Ex 38mm Sawn:
Blank size: 34mm x 72mm, 95mm, 120mm, 145mm and 195mm

Ex 50mm Sawn:
Blank size: 45mm x 72mm, 95mm, 120mm, 145mm and 195mm


Sawn thickness Finger Jointed Blank Dressed Thickness Sawn Width Finger Jointed Blank Dressed Width
25mm 22mm 18mm 75mm 72mm 66mm
32mm 28mm 25mm 100mm 96mm 90mm
38mm 34mm 30mm 125mm 120mm 115mm
50mm 45mm 42mm 150mm 145mm 140mm
      200mm 196mm 190mm

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