Product: Rusticated Weatherboard

Natural warmth with the
Envira Weatherboard System

The sun is shining on this Dunedin house in more ways than one. North-facing on a spacious raised section with full ceiling-to-floor windows, the home is designed to maximize sun exposure while the Envira timber weatherboards help retain its warmth.

Pre-cut scribers act as an accurate measuring tool for installation and fit snugly into the weatherboards. Timber facing boards surround the windows and Envira box corners cap the house corners and chunky post features under the veranda.

This home features Envira’s finger-jointed rusticated weatherboards. This type of weatherboard has a wider, flat finish often associated with colonial buildings - but the design, colour choice and overall execution of this home proves a modern look is also achievable. Choosing finger jointed timber means straight, defect-free boards that come in long, six-metre lengths - hence fewer joins for lovely, smooth walls.

The homeowner is thrilled with his sunny, warm home saying, “It looks really good and people are always saying so. Even tradies comment about the clean and tidy, smooth finish and often ask me what brand the cladding is. My garage will be built next, a big man-cave that will be clad with Envira for sure.”

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