Product: Bevel Back Weatherboard

Breathtaking views of the
majestic southern landscape

The charming Village of Arrowtown has been growing in popularity over the past few years, leading to a construction boom. Many modern subdivisions have been appearing all over the place capturing the monumental landscape of Central Otago.

The intention to blend was a must for the homeowners when building this home - and for this reason they chose to paint their Envira weatherboards Resene Lumbersider Triple Tea colour. This great colour choice not only compliments the surroundings but is also ideal for use on weatherboards because it is mid-toned. As with any painted surface, dark paint tones can generate excessive heat - the lighter the colour, the kinder it is to the material below.

With Envira weatherboards painting is easy, as the whole system - including matching scribers, window sills and facing boards - are all factory-coated with a revolutionary primer that has high-level weather and UV resistance. This primer layer means that Niagara products come ready for direct top coating - saving on time and costs.

Timber weatherboards are a TC3-approved cladding. Weighing almost one-third the weight of most man-made fibre cement alternatives, yet still strong and flexible, they are ideal for a top storey. Builders agree: The timber weatherboards are lightweight for lifting into place while being strong and flexible for maneuverability. In addition, they don’t require specialised tools to install and Envira’s finger jointed weatherboards are six metres in length, meaning fewer joins and a superior, smooth finish that only natural timber can provide.

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