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Fascia Boards


Fascia boards come in a variety of sizes, treated to H3.1 and factory primed on four faces.

 They provide a functional and an aesthetic smooth finish to the roof, they create a layer between the edge of the roof and the outside protecting the underlying timber structure from the elements.

*Niagara manufactures Fascia with gib groove end. Suitable as a garage door jamb. Available in 135x30 & 180x30

Sizes Length
135 x 18mm    4.8, 6.1m        
180 x 18mm 4.8, 6.1m
230 x 18mm 6.1m
280 x 18mm 6.1m
135 x 30mm 4.8, 6.1m
180 x 30mm 4.8, 6.1m
230 x 30mm 6.1m
280 x 30mm 6.1m

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