Treatment & Priming

New generation preservation system


Unlike some other systems, the LOSP system won't leach out, does not swell or otherwise affect timber dimensions.

After manufacture and before factory priming Niagara products are impregnated with Vacsol Azure, a new generation LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) preservation system.

The system is based on safe, organic and biodegradable active constituents, which contain no heavy metals and provide full protection from insects and decay with a limited 25-year durability guarantee.

This enables Niagara products to be treated in their final shape and form, reducing chemical use and timber waste. LOSP is non-corrosive to bolts, nails and plates but galvanised steel or other corrosion-resistant fasteners are recommended for weather exposed applications.

Treated to H3.1 New Zealand (NZS 3640), H3 Australia (AS1604) and suitable for UC3A and UC3B in the USA (EPA approved).

Special true primer gives Niagara products a superior finish.

Niagara products are machine coated on all faces under quality-controlled conditions with an innovative alkyd true primer, which has been specially developed by Resene Paints.

This revolutionary primer has greater weather and UV resistance and gives Niagara products a genuine base ready for direct topcoating with either an alkyd or waterborne paint.